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What is WORK & TRAVEL USA programme?
WORK & TRAVEL USA is a cultural and work exchange programme, which is addressing to full time students, assuring them the opportunity to work legally in the USA during the summer vacation. This way, the students have the opportunity to acquaint the American culture and get experience in working abroad and earning money in the same time. The majority of jobs are in these domains: restaurant, hotel, theme parks, pubs, clubs, coffee houses, pizza and fast foods, etc., and they earn between 6.50$ and 7.50$ per hour.
The programme officially starts on the 15th of June and ends on the 1st of October 2006, and the period of leaving to the U.S.A is between 15 June - 15 July 2006.

MEGA-promotions - only at our agency!
The registration for Work and Travel USA 2006 already started! The participants who have been in the USA before by this programme and the ones who are participating for the first time this programme can benefit of mega discounts
1. 20% discount for all the applicants and 25% for everybody who participated this programme before and 25% discount for a group of minimum of 3 applicants who submit until December 20th, 2005.
2. The fees for the programme are starting from only 550$ and can be paid when you return, too.
3. Couples and friends can apply together!

Participating conditions
Aged between 18-28 inclusively.
2. To be student at a state or private faculty or post-high school, to be full time student or master, but not in the last year of study.
3. To speak English at conversational level

Costs for participating
1. Registering fee: 300 RON (3.000.000 ROL)
2. Programme fee - 550$ (for Self - Arranged Job Option) or 650$ (for Placement Option)
3. Visa fee - 100
4. SEVIS fee - 35$ (introduced by the American Government)
5. Airplane ticket - the price varies depending of the time of the year ~ 550$

Funding the costs
In the majority of the cases the student appeal to loans from the members of the family, relatives, friends. Starting from last year the students can benefit an extremely profitable credit launched in premier by BRD. You can earn more about this credit by calling this free phone number: 0800803803 or click here.

What is included?
- Assistance of Danfil Company on the whole period of placement
- DS - 2019 Form, which is necessary to obtain the visa
Legal placement in the USA
- Medical assurance in accordance with the American Government, valid for the whole period of stay
- Free orientation session before departure (Pre-Departure Orientation)
2 nights is a hostel in New York City
- Aplicants handbook

Application procedure
It is very easy, you just have to follow a few steps.
1. Fill in the on-line Application directly on the official website of AMERICAN WORK EXPERIENCE (AWE) - the sponsor of the Work & Travel U.S.A or securing the forms from our Recruitment Office (see contact details)
2. Get an appointment for the interview with a consultant of our agency, which will be sustained in English.
If the interview is successfully taken - paying the participation fee of 300 RON.
Finding a job considering the requests and work experience of the applicant.
5. Signing the job offer from the US employer and setting the formalities for obtaining the visa
Booking an airplane ticket.
7. Participating to a session of infoming (Pre - Departure Orientation)

The interview with a consultant of the agency
After you contact our agency for getting the application forms for Work &Travel USA 2006 programme or if you already applied on the official AMERICAN WORK EXPERIENCE website, you will be made an appointment for an interview. At this interview you will discuss with the consultant about your previous work experience (if applicable), the filed in which you wish to work and the level of your English will be tested.
You will have to have on you: a resume in English and the student licence with all the grades in it, which have to be signed. The result of the interview will be communicated to you right away. Only the ones who are accepted for the programme will be given a list with the following documents that are necessary for the next steps.

Eligible jobs
The main eligible jobs in USA for this programme are: waiter/waitress, dishwasher, chambermaid, receptionist, driver, shop assistant, kitchen assistant, cleaner assistant, chef, cook, bartender, cashier, marketing assistant, janitor, security guard, doorman, etc….
It is not acceptable to work in the following fields: Au-Pair/ Baby sitter/nanny/housework; medical/ pharmaceutical/ veterinary or in domains in which you get in touch directly with the patients; professor/trainer; hiring thru placements agencies.

Programme options
You have on hand 2 options considering you preferences:
1. Self-Arranged Job Option - which assures you finding a job on your own (by finding it on the internet, friends or relatives or other sources). We will give you a list of websites for you to help you find the favourite job sooner. Attention, the employer will have to fill in certain forms which you will have to take from us if you want to take this option. Also you will have to sign the offer of placement as well and forward it to our head office. For more details regards to this option, contact us.
2. Placement Option - thru it you will benefit a job found by the agency, without any supplementary efforts.

Obtaining the visa
The application from obtaining the J-1 visa starts at the end of February, and you need the followings to apply:
A valid passport at least until June 2007
Old passport(s), even if they are expired, if you have visas on them.
c) The student licence stamped, with all the grades in it (inclusively the previous years) and signed by the teachers
d) A new student certificate, if possible attached to the registration document from the university
The registration document / scholar status of the previous years. It is recommended that the grades from the last semester to be enclosed in a sealed and stamped envelope and signed by the Rector.
A special photo type 5x5 cm, on light background, with a clear image of the face, included in between 2.5 and 3.5 cm, with restrained hair and both ears visible.
The DS - 156 form which contains a code, will be filled in on-line afterwards will be printed; the DS- 157 form which has to be filled in only by male applicants and the DS-158 form.
The DS - 2019 form, which will be supplied by our agency when you submit the complete file for the visa.
100$ USD - visa fee.
SEVIS fee - 35 USD, the proof of payment will be made thru the I 901 form.
The files, which are not complete, will not be accepted. All the information and data will be checked by the US Embassy. The owners of the files that contain false documents will be sanctioned with punishment provided by the law for putting into execution of such deeds.
The applications will be submitted by the representatives of Danfil Company at the head office of the US Consulate in Bucharest. The visa fee will have to be paid directly to the head office of the Consulate when you apply for the visa. All the applicants will go personally to sustain the interview at the head office of the Consulate from Bucharest in approximately 1 week from submitting the file and Danfil Company will precisely specify this date after submitting the documents
The passports with the visas of the students that successfully passed the interview will be handed to the representatives on Danfil Company in approximately 1 week after the interview took place and the applicants who were not successful at the interview, if they will exist, will get the response and the passports at the end of the interview.

The orientation session
All the Work &Travel USA 2006 participants are obliged to participate to an orientation session, provided by Danfil Company for free of charge, during which they will get important information referring to: social security number (SSN), rules applied by the American Department of State, modalities to find accommodation, general advises about how to benefit this programme, details about taxes, about banks, about the rights and obligations they have on the territory of USA. The orientation session will be organised in Romania and the date of it will be brought to the knowledge of the participants by Danfil Company.

Departure to the U.S.A
Once the orientation session has ended, you will obtain your return ticket bought from Danfil Company. Don’t forgert to announce your employer regards to the date of arrival in the USA.

Once arrived in the USA
It is quite important not to forget what responsibilities you have:
In 20 days from the date of starting work printed on the DS - 2019 form you will have to let AWE know that you started work and the address where you are living. Also if you are going to change your address where you live, you will have to inform AWE about it in 10 days. If you don’t provide this information, AWE will not be able to introduce them in the special SEVIS system created by the American Government in the USA in 2003 for having a clear evidence of the J-1 participants and your participation to the programme will end. In this case you will be sent home and you risk never getting an USA visa again.
- It is very important to know that after finishing the programme and the expiry of the visa are staying on the territory of the USA, will be sent home and they will never get another US visa again.

Return to Romania
If you have photos from the period spent in USA and you wish to share them with others, bring them to us or send them by email in order to add them to our photo gallery.

For more details contact us at: workandtravel@danfil-jobs.com.