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Am lansat VIDEO CV-ul

VIDEO CV-ul este mult mai atractiv decat CV-ul clasic, iar cei care au incercat aceasta metoda si-au gasit mai repede un loc de munca. »»

Munca in U.K pt. oricine ! - in 2 saptamani esti in UK!

Locuri de munca in UK, disponibile pe toata perioada anului, in azile de batrani si clinici private, pe tot teritoriul Marii Britanii pentru pozitii de ingrijire batrani si bolnavi, ajutori la bucatarie, personal pentru curatenie, asistente medicale, »»

Locuri de munca in Italia

Locuri de munca la menaj sau ingrijire batrani in Italia. »»

Locuri de munca in strainatate

Locuri de munca in Anglia. Romanii pot muncii legal in U.K dupa 1 an ca Au Pair. »»


Se cauta asistente cu experienta de minim 3 ani, avand cunostiinte lb. engleza bune pentru a lucra in U.K sau »»

Au Pair in ANGLIA

Contracte de Baby-Sitting in Anglia! Numai prin noi ajungi in Anglia asa de repede si ieftin. In maxim 3 saptamani de la »»

Job de 2500$ in U.S.A

Esti student sau masterand? Vrei sa castigi 10.000$ in doar 4 luni pe perioada vacantei de vara? Daca ti se »»

Work and Travel USA

Munceste, distreaza-te si calatoreste la vara in America! Profita si tu de unicii ani ai studentiei! Numai »»

Pleaca in ANGLIA in 3 saptamani !!!

Ai pana in 28 ani? Atunci poti sa ajungi sa lucrezi in ANGLIA in maxim 3 saptamani prin programul »»

Operatori CNC in CANADA

Se cauta operatori CNC pentru Canada avand cunostiinte solide de lb. engleza. »»


Angajam part-time studenti cu cunostiinte in webdesign si programare, dornici sa isi suplimenteze veniturile. Intra in echipa noastra! »»


Clinica privata de stomatologie din Kuwait selecteaza urgent 4 asistente cu minim 2 ani experienta si cunostiinte bune lb. engleza. Se ofera »»


Selectam pentru companii din Emirate si Cipru tehnicieni mecanici motoare si refrigeratori, tehnicieni asistenti, sudori, instalatori, »»


Daca esti o persoana cu cunostiinte solide de limba engleza si dornica sa te alaturi unui colectiv tanar »»

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DANFIL COMPANY objective is to provide qualified workers to Canada.

*The Foreign Worker and Foreign Live - in Caregiver Program of Canada is established because there's not enough Canadian to fill a particular available position.
*We are responsible for finding qualified workers and  caregivers  to work in Canada.
*We mainly assists Romanian nationals in finding employment in Canada.
*We provide employer the most appropriate individual they wish to employ.
*We have the vision to support the increasement of Canada country's population by bringing hardworking foreign workers.
*We charge only reasonable rates for all  applicants.
*We provide the most suitable job matching between employer and employee.
*We look to hire an individual with qualified background, extensive training and great moral values.

Through our agency, the Romanian citizens can choose between 2 work programmes in Canada as following:

Canada's great way of granting Landed Immigrant status for foreign workers, after doing a live - in work as a caregiver. Successful caregiver applicants receive a work permit which allows them to work in Canada as live- in caregivers.After two (2) years of employment, which must be completed within three (3) years of caregiver's arrival in Canada. Live-in caregiver may apply in Canada to become permanent residents.They may be granted permanent resident status if they meet the requirements that are established by Canadian Citizenship Immigration.
Employing Live - in Caregivers in Canada can be very important for a family in the care of children, elderly or disabled relatives.


Canada has an open doors for employment opportunities to bring in more Immigrants to the country, for a stronger and more stable economic growth.
Caregiver and other Foreign Worker applicants are responsible for all their expenses such as Immigration Application Fees, Air Fares, Departure Fees, Medical, etc.

We stand on our "FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE" policy (unless employer has a particular preference). This will provide a fair employment opportunity to all applicants.

a) Interested applicants are required to pay a non- refundable fee of $150.00 US.
b) A non-refundable Agency Service Fee is required once JOB CONFIRMATION IS RECEIVED (Fees information will be supplied upon request only). Applicant has up to 30 days to send the required service fee. (FAILURE TO DO SO WILL LEAD TO EMPLOYMENT CANCELLATION).  
We will contact the applicant once there is an available job offer for her/ him. Once applicant accepted the job offer, the waiting period for our office to finish our transaction in obtaining JOB CONFIRMATION usually takes 3 - 4 weeks.
Once approved by SERVICE CANADA, a JOB CONFIRMATION letter will be received from our office. A letter containing instructions in applying for work permit at a Canadian Immigration Services will also be received. (The applicant is responsible to apply for their own work visa to an Immigration Services of their country of residence or country where they are legally admitted).
Patience, planning and preparations is always advisable.
Applicants whose are in health care work, or with medical background, or with completion of a caregiver training, may have a quicker possibility for employment.
Applicants should send us 3 sets of the ff. requirements.(originals)
1.)  2-3 pages resume
2.)  3 pcs. current pictures
    2.a) a whole body sized picture
    2.b) a picture with child or elderly clients
    2.c) passport size picture
3)   Hand-written autobiography -Tell us about:
    3.a)You as an individual and your qualification as
    trained caregiver
    3.b)Your vision of coming to Canada
    3.c)Your expectations about your future employment
Send any credentials, special training certificates or any letter of referrences from previous or current work or background status.(photocopied only)
REMEMBER: You are building a professional image to prospective employer.
Applicant's may have an interview from our office or from the prospective employer.

          - Health Professionals
          - Non - Health Professionals / Skilled Workers  
          - Seasonal Workers 

    Applicants for this program MUST:
         -Must be duly licensed by corresponding regulatory bodies of originating country.
         -Have a current/ present full-time employment in any institution, company, business or any employment firm.
         -Have at least 3 years work experience in their profession/practice.
                                      - Ask us for more information -

a) Interested applicants are required to pay a non-refundable fee of $250.00 US.
b) A Non-Refundable Agency Service Fee is required once JOB CONFIRMATION IS RECEIVED (Fees information will be supplied upon request only).
Applicant has up to 30 days to send the required fees (FAILURE TO DO SO WILL LEAD TO EMPLOYMENT CANCELLATION). Instructions on how applicants can file their applications to Immigration Services of their country of location will be supplied once needed.(Applicants are responsible for their own work visa or any Immigration processing to an Immigration Services in their country of residence.
Applicants should send us 3 sets of the ff.requirements.(Originals)
1.) 2-3 pages resume
2.) 3 pcs.current pictures
   2.a) a whole body sized pictures
   2.b) a picture from your work place
   2.c) passport sized picture
   2.d) Letter of Reference from current employer
3) Hand written auto biography - Tell us about:
  3.a) You as an individual and your qualification as an educated
  and trained worker
  3.b) Your vision of coming to Canada
  3.c) Your expectations about your future employment.
Send any credentials,special training cerificates,or any letter of referrences from you previous and current employment or background status.(Photocopied only)
REMEMBER: You are building a professional image to prospective employers).
Applicants may have an interview from our office or from the prospective employers. 

For more details you can contact us by phone: 0268-311547.