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Am lansat VIDEO CV-ul

VIDEO CV-ul este mult mai atractiv decat CV-ul clasic, iar cei care au incercat aceasta metoda si-au gasit mai repede un loc de munca. »»

Munca in U.K pt. oricine ! - in 2 saptamani esti in UK!

Locuri de munca in UK, disponibile pe toata perioada anului, in azile de batrani si clinici private, pe tot teritoriul Marii Britanii pentru pozitii de ingrijire batrani si bolnavi, ajutori la bucatarie, personal pentru curatenie, asistente medicale, »»

Locuri de munca in Italia

Locuri de munca la menaj sau ingrijire batrani in Italia. »»

Locuri de munca in strainatate

Locuri de munca in Anglia. Romanii pot muncii legal in U.K dupa 1 an ca Au Pair. »»


Se cauta asistente cu experienta de minim 3 ani, avand cunostiinte lb. engleza bune pentru a lucra in U.K sau »»

Au Pair in ANGLIA

Contracte de Baby-Sitting in Anglia! Numai prin noi ajungi in Anglia asa de repede si ieftin. In maxim 3 saptamani de la »»

Job de 2500$ in U.S.A

Esti student sau masterand? Vrei sa castigi 10.000$ in doar 4 luni pe perioada vacantei de vara? Daca ti se »»

Work and Travel USA

Munceste, distreaza-te si calatoreste la vara in America! Profita si tu de unicii ani ai studentiei! Numai »»

Pleaca in ANGLIA in 3 saptamani !!!

Ai pana in 28 ani? Atunci poti sa ajungi sa lucrezi in ANGLIA in maxim 3 saptamani prin programul »»

Operatori CNC in CANADA

Se cauta operatori CNC pentru Canada avand cunostiinte solide de lb. engleza. »»


Angajam part-time studenti cu cunostiinte in webdesign si programare, dornici sa isi suplimenteze veniturile. Intra in echipa noastra! »»


Clinica privata de stomatologie din Kuwait selecteaza urgent 4 asistente cu minim 2 ani experienta si cunostiinte bune lb. engleza. Se ofera »»


Selectam pentru companii din Emirate si Cipru tehnicieni mecanici motoare si refrigeratori, tehnicieni asistenti, sudori, instalatori, »»


Daca esti o persoana cu cunostiinte solide de limba engleza si dornica sa te alaturi unui colectiv tanar »»

Featured Aupairs

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Do I need an Au-Pair?

What does “Au-Pair” actually mean?

What are Au-Pairs?

What are the general duties of an Au-Pair?

Au-Pairs’ working hours, leisure time and pocket money

Application process/Service fees

Do I need an Au-Pair?
Do you need help at home with looking after the child(ren) and doing the housework?
If yes, then an Au-Pair may be just what you need.

What does “Au-Pair” actually mean?
The word “au-pair” derives from the French expression “at par”, which means “equal to” or “on equal terms”. An Au-Pair comes to live as part of the family, and is treated as a family member, in the sense that they eat with the family, have their own bedroom and take part in the occasional family outing and sometimes holiday. In return, the Au-Pair is usually expected to take on certain duties to help out the family.

What are Au-Pairs?
An Au-Pair is generally a young, unmarried person aged between 17 and 27 inclusive (17 - 30 yo for U.S.A), with no dependents and coming from abroad, usually to improve their knowledge of a foreign language and to experience a new culture and way of life.

Danfil Company Ltd deals with the following countries: Andorra, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Greenland, Guadeloupe, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Morocco, Monaco, New Zealand, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and Turkey, UK and USA, and we are constantly expanding our operations into new countries.

What are the general duties of an Au-Pair?
The day-to-day work of an Au-Pair depends on the nature and lifestyle of the host family.However, their duties generally include:

  • looking after children, which may involve supervising and accompanying them to nursery, school or certain events;

  • going for walks or playing with them, as well as occasional evening baby-sitting;

  • light housework and help with keeping the apartment tidy,

  • for example help with washing and ironing, vacuuming, dusting and bed making;

  • preparing breakfast and simple meals for children, looking after pets.

Au-Pairs’ working hours, leisure time and pocket money
Standard Au-Pair working hours are 5 hrs/day, 5 days/week for which the Au-Pair should receive min. £55/wk in Great Britain or min. 100€/100$ for the rest of countries. If, for some reason, more hours are required, this must be indicated on the application form and discussed with the Au-Pair prior to acceptance. The overtime must be compensated for by extra time off and/or extra pocket money (i.e: £2/hr). The division of working time is organised according to the conditions and needs of the family. However, the Au-Pair must be allowed to attend language classes if they wish to do so, and they must have at least one and a half days off a week. If the Au-Pair is accepted by the family for a full year, a holiday of 4 weeks is due to her. When the family goes on holidays, the Au-Pair often accompanies them and is responsible for carrying out certain duties, such as looking after the children.

Application process/Service fees
Upon receipt of the family’s Application Form, the details and requests of the applying family are thoroughly assessed and carefully matched with those of our Au-Pairs, with the aim of ensuring that the placement is pleasurable for both the family and the Au-Pair.

The family is then offered portfolios of Au-Pair candidates who match their requirements. The Au-pair's information normally consists of the candidate's application form, baby-sitting references, an essay of themselves, their hobbies and interests, and some photos of themselves. As soon as the family selects a candidate(s) whom they consider to be most suitable, a telephone interview is arranged so that the family can speak to and interview the candidate. This also gives the candidate an opportunity to ask the family questions relevant to their vacancy.

Once an Au-Pair is accepted, Danfil Company Ltd sends documents required for finalising the placement and an invoice to the family. When the documents and payment are received, the Au-Pair's travel arrangements are made. Danfil Company Ltd informs the family of the Au-Pair's travel arrangements and the Au-Pair is met by the family at the point of arrival. From that moment on, as long as the Au-Pair appreciates that this is not a paid holiday and that the family is accepting them into their home and offering full board and pocket money, and that the family members appreciate that they are engaging a student and not a domestic servant, this is an excellent arrangement which usually ends with warm memories and often a friendship that last a lifetime.

Danfil Company offers highly competitive prices which start from £67 for a one-off service fee, depending on the type and length of Au-Pair service you require.

category/Placement period (up to)


 Service fees

  6 months & over


£235 inc. VAT (or 350 EUR inc. VAT)

  5 months


£200 inc. VAT (or 300 EUR inc. VAT)

  3 months


£135 inc. VAT (or 200 EUR inc. VAT)

  1 months


£67 inc. VAT (or 100 EUR inc. VAT)

What’s more, the service fee is due only after the selection of a suitable candidate by the family.

Until we actually find you an Au-Pair, no money will leave your account!