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» Au-Pair programme
» The conditions for becoming an Au-Pair
» The necessary documents for the file
» The costs for becoming an Au-Pair
» Recruitment procedure

Au-Pair programme

The Au-Pair programme is an international exchange programme, which gives the opportunity for the young people to visit a foreign country, to attend courses for learning the language of that country and to earn money. The countries for wich youth can participate this programme are: England, USA, Canada, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Dennmark, Sweden and they can live there for up to 2 years.

Conditions for becoming an Au-Pair

  • maximum age 27 (for England), 29 for USA, Canada)
  • single and without children
  • knowing the language of the country at a conversational level
  • have not been an Au-Pair in that country before
  • clean police record
  • experience in childcare
  • it is an advantage to have a „B” category driver licence and to speak several foreign languages.

Necessary documents for the file

  • Application Form - you can apply directly on the on-line application or you can take it from our agency
  • 2 references: one from a person of whose children you looked after and one from an employer or a teacher
  • A letter, written in language of the host family, which is addressed to the host family.
  • Valid passport for at least 6 months starting from the date of the application / submitting. You can apply if you don’t have a passport yet.
  • Clean police record
  • A certificate from the family doctor in which „ able to work abroad” should be written
  • 1 passport size photo which can be uploaded directly on the Application Form
  • 3 photos with the children that you looked after
  • Copies form: ID, school certificates/ diplomas 

The costs for becoming an Au-Pairr

  • Placement fee: 310 €
  • Visa fee for 2 years with multiple entries: 467.50 RON (4.675.000 ROL) - only for Romanian citizens
  • Cost of transportation to (i.ethe familly : approx.: 125 € from Romania to U.K)
  • Medical travel assurance is not compulsory, consulting a doctor in the host family'ss country is free of charge. The host families generally submit their Au-Pair to their doctor. However it is recommended to have a medical assurance for the first 3 moths of stay.

Recruitment procedure

  1. The applicant contacts us or submits an Application Form available on this website and will email or post the rest of the mentioned documents of the file
  2. The applicant pays the placement fee (at the Recruitment Office of our agency, by bank transfer, or on-line).
  3. The applicant will be found a host family in a short time conforming to his/her demands (aproximately 3 weeks from the date of paying the placement fee). 
  4. The applicant will be set up an interview with the host family.
  5. Our agency will receive the acceptance of the host family.
  6. Our agency will receive all the papers from them in order for the applicant to succesfully apply for the visa. (only for non-EU citizens).
  7. A personal file will be prepared to the applicant with the documents coming from the host family and himself/herself and documents from our agency with which the applicant will obtain the visa. (only for non-EU citizens).
  8. Our agency will prepare the travel details.