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Files of suitable candidates including REFERENCES will be E-mailed to you within 24 working hrs of registering. Registration is FREE!

Within 24 working hours of receipt of the family’s Application Form, the details and requests of the applying family are thoroughly assessed and manually matched with those of carefully preselected Au-Pairs from the qualifying countries, with the aim of ensuring that the placement is pleasurable for both the family and the Au-Pair.

The family is then offered full portfolios of Au-Pair candidates who match their requirements. The Au-pair's information normally consists of the candidate's application form, childcare references, an essay of themselves, their hobbies and interests, and some photos of themselves. As soon as the family selects a candidate(s) whom they consider to be most suitable, a telephone interview is arranged so that the family can speak to and interview the candidate. This also gives the candidate an opportunity to ask the family questions relevant to their vacancy.

Once an Au-Pair is accepted, Danfil Company sends documents required for finalising the placement / obtaining a VISA to the family. At the same time an invoice is sent to the family. When the documents and payment are received, the Au-Pair's travel arrangements are made. Danfil Company informs the family of the Au-Pair's travel arrangements and the Au-Pair is met by the family at the point of arrival. From that moment on, as long as the Au-Pair appreciates that this is not a paid holiday and that the family is accepting them into their home and offering full board and pocket money, and that the family members appreciate that they are engaging a student and not a domestic servant, this is an excellent arrangement which usually ends with warm memories and often a friendship that lasts a lifetime. Our experienced team is just a phonecall away to offer full help and support at all stages of the placement !

MISSION to provide you, the family with a PEACE OF MIND where childcare is concerned.

Danfil Company is constantly seeking to improve and update it’s service for benefit of its client base. We are committed to providing a reliable, trustworthy and high quality, value for money COMPREHENSIVE Au-Pair Service, and the expertise to resolve any problems that may occur from time to time. In addition to the special skills that the au pair will provide to your family, you have the confidence of knowing that your au pair came from the best placement network available today. We have years of experience in placing au pairs and host families together, and our continuous research efforts and desires to offer only the best make us even better from day to day.

NEW! Hands-on au-pair search option
Our website 
includes a Search facility which brings up details of Au-Pairs who are the closest matches for your family. Just complete the questions in "Search Au-Pair" section and you will receive instant results.

There is also a "SEARCH NAME" field in which you can type in and you will receive details of the Au-Pairs who have that name in their application form. For example, if in the past you liked an applicant named Cristina and you want to find her now, you just type in the word: "Cristina", and you will get details of all Au-Pairs who are named Cristina.

There is a very important and hunted section by the families who want to find quickly an Au Pair who has multiple skils. You can find this section, "HOT AU PAIRS", in the right and contains the best AuPairs from our point of view. The main abilities of these AuPairs are written below of each photo, and if you want to see all their profile, just click on the photo.

The on-line database is updated daily and new files are added as we receive them. You may wish to check for details of new Au-pairs on a daily basis.

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