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Our company is extremely interested in promoting new cultural exchange and work programmes to Romanian citizens. In this sense, if you offer a cultural exchange, internship or work programmes in your country and you want our agency to became your representative in Romania, please contact us.

Also, if you are interested and you wish to become our agency's representative in a certain area and to promote our cultural exchange programme - Travel and Teach in Romania - to your clients who wish to participate, please send us a request with the subject "Collaboration - Treavel&Teach".

Any request will be analized and you will receive a response in the shortest possible time.

Contact details:

Recruitment Office:
Str. Zizinului nr.38-36 / Tomis nr.2, parter
Postal zipcode: 500334
Brasov - ROMANIA
Tel: +40 - 268 - 311 547
Fax: +40 - 268 - 326 136
E-mail: partners@danfil-jobs.com

Contact person: Cornelia Filip