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Am lansat VIDEO CV-ul

VIDEO CV-ul este mult mai atractiv decat CV-ul clasic, iar cei care au incercat aceasta metoda si-au gasit mai repede un loc de munca. »»

Munca in U.K pt. oricine ! - in 2 saptamani esti in UK!

Locuri de munca in UK, disponibile pe toata perioada anului, in azile de batrani si clinici private, pe tot teritoriul Marii Britanii pentru pozitii de ingrijire batrani si bolnavi, ajutori la bucatarie, personal pentru curatenie, asistente medicale, »»

Locuri de munca in Italia

Locuri de munca la menaj sau ingrijire batrani in Italia. »»

Locuri de munca in strainatate

Locuri de munca in Anglia. Romanii pot muncii legal in U.K dupa 1 an ca Au Pair. »»


Se cauta asistente cu experienta de minim 3 ani, avand cunostiinte lb. engleza bune pentru a lucra in U.K sau »»

Au Pair in ANGLIA

Contracte de Baby-Sitting in Anglia! Numai prin noi ajungi in Anglia asa de repede si ieftin. In maxim 3 saptamani de la »»

Job de 2500$ in U.S.A

Esti student sau masterand? Vrei sa castigi 10.000$ in doar 4 luni pe perioada vacantei de vara? Daca ti se »»

Work and Travel USA

Munceste, distreaza-te si calatoreste la vara in America! Profita si tu de unicii ani ai studentiei! Numai »»

Pleaca in ANGLIA in 3 saptamani !!!

Ai pana in 28 ani? Atunci poti sa ajungi sa lucrezi in ANGLIA in maxim 3 saptamani prin programul »»

Operatori CNC in CANADA

Se cauta operatori CNC pentru Canada avand cunostiinte solide de lb. engleza. »»


Angajam part-time studenti cu cunostiinte in webdesign si programare, dornici sa isi suplimenteze veniturile. Intra in echipa noastra! »»


Clinica privata de stomatologie din Kuwait selecteaza urgent 4 asistente cu minim 2 ani experienta si cunostiinte bune lb. engleza. Se ofera »»


Selectam pentru companii din Emirate si Cipru tehnicieni mecanici motoare si refrigeratori, tehnicieni asistenti, sudori, instalatori, »»


Daca esti o persoana cu cunostiinte solide de limba engleza si dornica sa te alaturi unui colectiv tanar »»

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>> Program Description 
>> Types of Positions 
>> Benefits 
>> Eligibility 
>> How to Apply 
>> Required Documents 


Every year, employers throughout the U.S. hire young adults from around the world to live and work under the H-2B Visa Program, filling positions where there is a shortage of American workers. 
We are able to help those who have already found a position in the U.S. as well as those who would like to be matched with an employer. Participants on the program are legally able to work in the U.S. for a full summer or winter season, typically 6-10 months.  

About the Program 

H2B Program gives an opportunity to obtain temporary work visa for seasonal manual work in the USA. Offered positions do not need to correspond with one's work experience or field of study. Work permit is issued for minimum of 4 months up to 10 months with a possibility to extend it for the period of 3 years. 

Further Employment 

Work permit applies to specific position and employer. Any other work is illegal. At the end of the contract there is an opportunity to get a new contract with different employer and so extend validity of visa. If an applicant decides to leave his current employer, he/she must return to the home country. Otherwise his/her stay in the U.S. becomes illegal. 


Generally, employees from foreign countries get same wages as the US citizens. In such case the salary is never less than minimum wage. Most of the employers pay starting from 7.00$/hour. The minimum wage in the US is 5.15$/hour. Positions where employees get tips are paid 2.20$/hour. 


Overtime pay is at least 1,5 times the employee's regular rate of pay. In some states, the employers pay for overtime not more than the employee's regular rate of pay. We will inform applicant about hourly rate of each position, it is mostly 7,00 $/hour and more. 


The sallary is paid weekly or every two weeks. 


Some employers provide accommodation for free, others provide some contribution. However, some employers do not provide accommodation and employeea have to find it on their own. We will provide you information on ways how to find accommodation in the U.S. The cost of accommodation is usually between 50$ - 85$ per week, depending on the location. In case the employer provides accommodation, cost for this accommodation will be deducted from employee's monthly salary. 


All other expenses including food have to be covered by an employee. Expenses for food are not very high in the U.S., it is approximately about 100$ - 200$ per a month. 

Health Insurance 

All our participants will receive a health insurance before traveling to the U.S. 


The length of visa depends on the length of the contract with employer, but applicant may get visa for maximum of 10 months at first with a possibility of extending it up to 3 years.
Important: visa applies only to one employer and position. This means that the employee cannot have a different job and work for a different employer other than the one stated in the visa. 

The H-2B Work USA program includes:  

Recruitment, screening and placement of employees
Employment agreements
Processing the Department of Labor certification application
Processing the H-2B Visa petition to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services 
Ensuring employees are covered by Accident and Sickness  insurance and making low-cost coverage available when needed
Providing a Participant Handbook and Inside the USA guide for each employee
Ongoing 24-hour support for employers and employees   


H-2B Work USA specializes in H-2B Visas for the following positions: 

Wait Staff
Host Staff 
Front Desk Housekeeping
Ski Instructors 
Kitchen Staff 
Food & Beverage Servers 
Sales Assistance 
Ski Lift Operators 
Dining Room Attendants 
Dishwashers & Bus Staff 
Line & Prep Cooks, etc  


Positions are available throughout the USA, mainly in big resort areas.  


Full-time student status not required
Secured work placement
Guaranteed prevailing wage as would be paid to a full-time US citizen occupying the same position.
English proficiency need not be excellent but low to intermediate
Assistance and support for paperwork co-ordination and documentation for the H-2B work visa
Health Insurance assistance
Pre-departure orientation in one's home country
Sound support on how to obtain a Social Security Card (requirement)
Tax Refund
Key references for building an attractive resume
An adventure of a lifetime 

The H2B visa is one option available to employers of foreign non-professionals. As with other types of visas, the H2B may bring dependent family members to the U.S. Also, it is possible, in some cases, for employers to file blanket petitions, that is, one petition for several individual employees. 


The program is open to any hardworking individual between the ages of 18 - 40 yrs. 
A low to intermediate understanding and ability to speak the English language is essential to qualify at your local US Embassy as well as to get by at your work place. Applicants should be willing to work unsupervised and diligently in an unskilled service sector environment.  


Please contact us for current program fees. 

Once you have downloaded your application forms please complete and send them to Danfil Jobs, including any supporting documents. Incomplete and poorly presented applications generally take longer to process and will result in delays to your program.

Please send to Danfil Jobs the original plus one copy of your completed application. 

We strongly recommend you keep a copy for your own reference.   


• A completed application form with signed terms and conditions.
• Two original letters of references in English
• Resume or CV
• A job offer (for self-arranged participants only)
• Copy of passport
• Copies of previous US visas (if applicable)
• 2 passport size photos 


If you have an employer that is willing to hire you using our H2B Visa program, please contact us to give us your employer contact details. Our lawyers will contact your employer and will evaluate his eligibility.  

Many thanks and good luck with your application!